Heart Healthy Watermelon is the Perfect Dance Snack

Watermelon pieces in the shape of a heart.


Watermelon has been around almost as long as dancing with evidence of the fruit being eaten in Ancient Egypt 4000 years ago. Click here if you want more watermelon history.

Also due to the lycopene (the stuff that makes it red, which it has 40% more of than tomatoes ) It is good for the heart, helping blood move round the body, potentially lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart attacks. For more on the health benefits of watermelon click here.

Not only this but watermelon is full of good stuff including

  • Vitamins C + A
  • Vitamins B1 + B5 + B6
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Cucurbitacin E
  • Beta Carotene

The magic is not over yet though. On top of this watermelon lowers stress and inflammation, helps with muscle soreness, has anti cancer effects, improves skin, hair and eyes. Finally it keeps you hydrated, is low calorie, sodium free, fat free, low in cholesterol, and tastes great!

So when combined with dance, one of the best heart health exercises out there and most definitely one of the funnest, you are looking at increasing the benefits of each.

Therefore after visiting your local dance class feeling exhausted but satisfied, make yourself a Watermelon Salad like this Watermelon Mint Salad from A Virtual Vegan. If out dancing the night away treat yourself to this Watermelon Gin Spritzer from BBC Good Food. Or just eat it fresh and dance in your room.

“Watermelon – It is the chief of this world’s luxuries, king by the grace of God over all the fruits of the earth. When one has tasted it, he knows what the angels eat.”

Mark Twain

If you would like to get together with friends and dance, why not book one of our flash mob experiences. You learn a flash mob dance in a 2 hour session you can then perform the dance again whenever you want, you’ll have to bring your own Watermelon though. Have a look at options here

Disney Junior Interactive Dance Videos

Blue Fish choreograph new interactive dance routines for Disney Junior.

Blue Fish Entertainments were asked to choreograph interactive dance routines for six of Disney Junior’s most popular theme tunes and songs.

Videos included Sofia the First, Miles from Tomorrow, Doc McStuffins as well as classic characters such as Mickey Mouse and Daisy Duck.

In house creative director Danielle Drayton created the choreography and rehearsed with the selected children to help make the fantastic videos.

The fun and exciting videos have now been released, take a look at a few below.

Contact us if you need any help with an upcoming music video. Blue Fish can provide unique choreography and direction, exceptional dancers, and full production service to include costumes, filmmakers, editors and studios.

A big thank you from Blue Fish Entertainments

Blue Fish Entertainments would like to thank all of our wonderful clients, dancers and creatives who have helped contribute to a fantastic 2015.

Blue Fish Entertainments have had a busy 2015 and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped to make this year a success.

It has been a fantastic year entertaining and performing all over the UK and internationally and Blue Fish have loved working  with such a talented, enthusiastic and professional team.

Some particular highlights include ‘ITV All Star Mr & Mrs’ where are energetic aerobic dancers accompanied Mr Motivator and his wife.

Our fabulous dancers and models performing at the annual Heart FM Wedding Show.

The European Brand Licensing event  where we brought to life the wonderful characters ‘The Zoonies‘ created by Caroline T Gooden.

Our many flash mob performances for clients such as Coca Cola, Smiffys, Thorpe Park, Dreamflight, World Duty Free, Computacentre, The Grosvenor Hotel and many private birthday parties and proposals. As well as our international awards shows for DHL, British Airways, The Celtic Manor and Partylite to name just a few.

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Blue Fish Entertainments hope you all have had a prosperous and happy 2015. We wish you all continued success and look forward to working with you again in 2016.


Animal Flash Mob

Fun Animal Flash Mob to promote WWF’s Day of Climate Action.

On the 17th of June 30 of our dancers dressed up as Giraffes, Tigers, Zebras, Elephants and Monkeys in wonderful costumes provided by Smiffys Fancy Dress in support of the WWF’s Day of Climate Action.

We performed the animal flash mob at various locations in London starting at Covent Garden, then Embankment and finally ending up at Westminster where nine thousand people came to speak to MPs about why we need action on climate change.

The flash mob was choreographed by our creative director Danielle Drayton and assistant choreographer Sean Moon and featured our amazing dancers and acrobats all dressed in Smiffys’ fabulous animal onesies.

The footage was filmed by Max Day and his team of videographers and edited over night to create a fantastic flash mob video which we hope you enjoy watching and sharing with your friends and colleagues.

Blue Fish had so much fun creating this flash mob and are glad it will help raise awareness for such a worthwhile cause.

If you would like your very own flash mob to help promote your company, brand or event why not contact us and let our creative team come up with the perfect entertainment for you.

Zebra Themed Flash Mob

Blue Fish Dancers perform an amazing Zebra themed flash mob to promote a new local business launch.

Blue Fish recently created an exciting and interactive flash mob to promote the new business launch of Acumen Business Law in Gatwick.

The glitzy cocktail party event took place at the spectacular Mercedes Showroom in Manor Royal and celebrated all local companies coming together for this prestigious event. The evening also helped raise considerably funds for St Catherine’s Hospice.

Our amazing choreographer Jonathan Tweedy created a Zebra themed tribal flash mob to perfectly reflect the business logo, branding and ethos of Acumen Business Law. This worked wonderfully with the artist’s Zebra inspired face painting, designed and applied by our fantastic make up artist Emma Reed. Finally our flexible and talented team of dancers and acrobats amazed the guests, completely surprising them at the start of the event as they burst onto the stage to perform.

Our client sent us this wonderful testimonial – “On 09 October 2014 our law firm, ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW, had a launch party to celebrate its expansion and opening of our second office in the Gatwick Diamond area.  The best part of the launch party was the amazing dancers of Blue Fish Entertainments. Dressed as tribal zebras, they wowed the audience of over 250 business executives! The costumes, the face painting and the professional dance moves were absolutely breath taking! The local newspapers and business magazines wanted to hear about the ‘amazing zebra dancers’ and asked for photos to feature in their publications, giving our firm brilliant exposure. It is without a doubt that Blue Fish Entertainments made our launch that much more special, different, memorable and a great success!” – Penina Shepherd

We thoroughly enjoyed producing the flash mob for this amazing event and hope you enjoy the pictures below.

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If you would like Blue Fish Entertainments to help with your product or business launch, please  contact us.

Music Video for The Zoonies

Music Video created for new children’s characters ‘The Zoonies!’

 Blue Fish Entertainments can announce we have been busy producing a new music video for the children’s characters The Zoonies.

The Zoonies Created by Caroline T. Gooden are aliens from the planet Oggle who crash land on Earth and cause chaos as they travel around the globe.

Our amazing team of dancers, actors and creatives produced the new music video for the characters earlier this year to coincide with the re release of Caroline’s book ‘Zoonies on the Run’ available to buy from Amazon soon.

Directed by Rhys Henson and choreographed by Danielle Drayton, The Zoonies video features our talented Blue Fish dancers and actors Sarah Miller, Helen Dixon, Lukus Alexander, Paige Williams, Nicholas Sheehy and Angie Sheppard.

Our amazing filmmaker Maximillian Day did a wonderful job of capturing all the footage of the Zoonies traveling the globe and editing it down into the final music video. All done at the exceptional Camberwell Studios who we highly recommend.

The bright and visual costuming of The Zoonies was created by Mike Coltman Costume Construction and their bespoke music track was recorded and mixed by The Egg Recording Studio.

It was great fun creating the music video which shows some of the mayhem The Zoonies create on their travels adapting to life on Earth, we really hope you enjoy watching it and keep your eyes and ears peeled for other Zoonies adventures coming soon.

If you would like Blue Fish Entertainments to help produce your music video or TV show please feel free to contact us.

Retirement Flash Mob

Retirement flash mob for world’s most loved boss!

Blue Fish Entertainments recently choreographed a large scale retirement flash mob to surprise CEO Mark Sebba as he entered work for his last day at Net-A-Porter. Mark had been CEO for the past 11 years and colleagues across the globe wanted to express their gratitude for all his hard work and dedication to the fashion company.

Blue Fish choreographer Danielle Drayton choreographed the ‘Mark Sebba’ dance which was then taught to thousands of Net-A-Porter staff all over the world to be performed and included in the final retirement flash mob. Ciaran Connolly assisted Danielle and Blue Fish Entertainments dancers and acrobats Sarah Miller, Ashley-Jordan Packer, Daniel McCarroll and Victoria Longley all made cameo appearances throughout the flash mob.

Once Mark arrived at what he thought would be a normal day at the office he was greeted by cheering staff members all carrying various signs and banners. As he proceeded to his desk various acts popped up along the way to include, dancers, acrobats, a gospel choir, models, drummers, a netball team, a Mariachi band and a bag piper to name but a few. All of this was performed to a bespoke version of Aloe Blacc’s song ‘The Man’.

Mark was overwhelmed by the time he reached his desk and only managed to say a few words, mainly jokingly telling staff to get back to work!

The whole event was a fantastic experience for everyone involved and a truly wonderful surprise.

Contact us if you would like Blue Fish to help create a bespoke Flash Mob for you or your company. We provide choreographers to work with your own team of colleagues, friends and family and also provide dancers and speciality acts to perform the whole event for you.

Disney Juniors ‘Get up and Dance’

Blue Fish choreograph new music video for Disney Juniors.

Blue Fish Entertainments were asked to create and choreograph a new interactive dance routine aimed for 4-8 year old children to the bespoke track ‘Get up and Dance’ for Disney Juniors.

The aim was to get children up and dancing with their favourite Disney Junior characters, and keeping active and healthy.

Blue Fish Entertainments’ in house choreographer Danielle Drayton  created the perfect routine, rehearsed with the chosen children and helped to create the fantastic music video.

The music video and whole concept has been a huge success, take a look at the finished video below.

Contact us if you need any help with an upcoming music video. Blue Fish can provide unique choreography and direction, exceptional dancers, and full production service to include costumes, filmmakers, editors and studios.

Award Shows performed Worldwide

Blue Fish create spectacular dance and speciality performances for large award shows in the Middle East and Europe.

Blue Fish Entertainments have been travelling across the world performing and assisting at large scale Award Shows. Our amazing and highly talented dancers  Rhodri Watkins, Kevin Young, Michael Burr, Charlotte Jay, Nikita Mitchell, Georgina Fisher, Danielle Everdell and Pippa Holliday performed at the Shangri-La Resort in Oman and at the Chateau La Napoule in Cannes.

Our speciality act Erin Jameson performed a breath taking balance act in the outside amphitheatre in Oman which wowed the awardees and guests.

The events were a huge success with the dancers performing a number of themed performances including the Can Can, Ribbon dance, Balance act and a Pointe performance with large gold wings. Our in house choreographer Danielle Drayton choreographed the events, assisted by Ciaran Connolly and Charlotte Taylor.

Contact us and let Blue Fish provide exceptional dancers for your awards ceremony!

70s Dancers Perform at Cutty Sark

Blue Fish 70s Dancers perform an Abba themed show at the legendary Cutty Sark in Greenwich London.

Singer Charlie Taylor and dancer Kevin young perform a mix of Abba Songs in a 70s themed show at the Cutty Sark on the edge of the River Thames in Greenwich, London.

The show was a huge success with Charlie singing to an excited crowd at the large event held in  beautiful surroundings, with tables and chairs laid out underneath the Iron Framed 1869 ship.

Everyone had a wonderful time and truly enjoyed the evening which involved looking around the historical tea ship before a 3 course dinner and surprise entertainment from our 70s dancers, which was by far the highlight of the night.

Why not contact us and book 70s dancers for your next event!