Do a Dance

Experiences are a great way to learn your own dance routines, which everyone will love.

Our interactive dance experiences are the perfect way to learn a dance or flash mob that you can perform at your event. From weddings to large corporate events they are fun to learn and exciting to perform. They also make great workshops and team-building events.

What we offer

Each dance experience can be booked in a 2 or 4 hour block where we will teach you a choreographed routine to the song of your choice, we can teach this as a traditional dance number or as a fun flash mob.  Additional blocks can also be added if you want to improve on the routine or learn more choreography.


If you have something specific you want to do or would like us to create a team building excercise or flash mob for your company to perform, just let us know and we will work with you to create something perfect that matches all your requirements.

First wedding Dances

We offer special experiences for first wedding dances, where we teach the wedding couple a beautiful routine to their chosen song. This starts with a basic lesson to assess your potential skills and teach you the basics before a number of sessions where you learn the routine and hone it to perfection.

The performance

When you are ready to perform we also have number of additional services. These include having the choreographer come down to go through the routine with you one last time prior to the performance, adding professional dancers to your flash mob or dance routine and filming the whole event so you have a keep sake or something to show off with on social media.

Get in Touch

Whether you want more information or would like to book a dance experience please feel free to Contact us and we will make sure that your personalised dance performance is the best that it can be.