Flash Mobs

What are Flash Mobs

Flash mobs are surprise performances perfect for events, parties and promotions. They can also be filmed and make excellent online entertainment and viral campaigns.

Any Size, Any Theme, Any Song

Our flash mobs are created specifically to meet the individual needs and requirements of our clients. We can supply flash mobs with 1 to 50+ dancers in any theme required and you can choose your favourite songs which we will edit into a mix for the performance.

What’s Included

Flash mobs can be created in any length but are usually between 3 – 5 minutes long. We supply all the music, choreography, dancers and necessary costume and can also supply portable sound systems if on location.


Usually our performers will be in regular clothes to keep up the surprise element, but we do have waiters costumes for certain events as well as themed costumes and we can even incorporate company logos for marketing events or messages on t-shirts like Happy Birthday or Marry Me.
Happy Birthday Flashmob

Add-Ons and Filming

Flash Mobs do not have to be just dancers, you can also include singers or speciality acts and If you need your flash mob filmed and edited we have exceptional videographers who can capture all aspects of the performance. For a full list of our add ons see our themes page.

Make your own

If you are feeling creative, why not perform your own flash mob, for more information on this see our experiences page.