Music Video for The Zoonies

Music Video created for new children’s characters ‘The Zoonies!’

 Blue Fish Entertainments can announce we have been busy producing a new music video for the children’s characters The Zoonies.

The Zoonies Created by Caroline T. Gooden are aliens from the planet Oggle who crash land on Earth and cause chaos as they travel around the globe.

Our amazing team of dancers, actors and creatives produced the new music video for the characters earlier this year to coincide with the re release of Caroline’s book ‘Zoonies on the Run’ available to buy from Amazon soon.

Directed by Rhys Henson and choreographed by Danielle Drayton, The Zoonies video features our talented Blue Fish dancers and actors Sarah Miller, Helen Dixon, Lukus Alexander, Paige Williams, Nicholas Sheehy and Angie Sheppard.

Our amazing filmmaker Maximillian Day did a wonderful job of capturing all the footage of the Zoonies traveling the globe and editing it down into the final music video. All done at the exceptional Camberwell Studios who we highly recommend.

The bright and visual costuming of The Zoonies was created by Mike Coltman Costume Construction and their bespoke music track was recorded and mixed by The Egg Recording Studio.

It was great fun creating the music video which shows some of the mayhem The Zoonies create on their travels adapting to life on Earth, we really hope you enjoy watching it and keep your eyes and ears peeled for other Zoonies adventures coming soon.

If you would like Blue Fish Entertainments to help produce your music video or TV show please feel free to contact us.