Retirement Flash Mob

Retirement flash mob for world’s most loved boss!

Blue Fish Entertainments recently choreographed a large scale retirement flash mob to surprise CEO Mark Sebba as he entered work for his last day at Net-A-Porter. Mark had been CEO for the past 11 years and colleagues across the globe wanted to express their gratitude for all his hard work and dedication to the fashion company.

Blue Fish choreographer Danielle Drayton choreographed the ‘Mark Sebba’ dance which was then taught to thousands of Net-A-Porter staff all over the world to be performed and included in the final retirement flash mob. Ciaran Connolly assisted Danielle and Blue Fish Entertainments dancers and acrobats Sarah Miller, Ashley-Jordan Packer, Daniel McCarroll and Victoria Longley all made cameo appearances throughout the flash mob.

Once Mark arrived at what he thought would be a normal day at the office he was greeted by cheering staff members all carrying various signs and banners. As he proceeded to his desk various acts popped up along the way to include, dancers, acrobats, a gospel choir, models, drummers, a netball team, a Mariachi band and a bag piper to name but a few. All of this was performed to a bespoke version of Aloe Blacc’s song ‘The Man’.

Mark was overwhelmed by the time he reached his desk and only managed to say a few words, mainly jokingly telling staff to get back to work!

The whole event was a fantastic experience for everyone involved and a truly wonderful surprise.

Contact us if you would like Blue Fish to help create a bespoke Flash Mob for you or your company. We provide choreographers to work with your own team of colleagues, friends and family and also provide dancers and speciality acts to perform the whole event for you.